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WHY have a games index

With more than 2,300 games companies in the UK, the sector is becoming a significant player in the nation’s economy. The sector has created over 50,000 jobs across the UK, of which 99.5% are in small to medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, the UK represents a base for many global companies’ headquarters. (Source: UKIE, Playing on – The UK games industry during the pandemic. 2020)


Throughout the UK, there are local games clusters developing and contributing to their regional economies. There are 23 recognised clusters across the UK, all of which are packed with innovative businesses that offer a wealth of opportunities for investors and careers, and are helping to solidify the UK games sector on the global map.


2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic decimate many sectors and it continues to impact businesses on a daily basis. The games sector, however, has been particularly resilient by embracing technological changes to continue creative collaborations with peers, live events, merchandise sales and professional services, which support the industries.

the campaign will...

  • Celebrate collaboration, innovation and contribution within the industry

  • Feature more than 100 innovative gaming businesses within the UK in a digital publication, which will feature articles, SME listings and case studies, alongside informative partner content 

  • Culminate in an event which will take place to launch the Index and be an opportunity to bring together sponsors, businesses and investors.

  • Act as a catalyst for growth at local, regional and national levels

  • Help facilitate business growth by matching opportunities for further investment between investors, collaboration partners and SMEs ​​

  • Blend editorial content with engaging online events, all with the aim of demonstrating the successes of games businesses, their contribution to the UK – highlighting sector hot spots and growing areas of opportunity 

Gamer hands on a control playing game
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